Our first major blue-chip client was one of the World’s largest and well-respected hotel groups boasting over 5,000 hotels Worldwide. When a client is this size, it would be unusual for them not to have a full IT and Web infrastructure and this was certainly the case. However, big is not always best, particularly when it comes to fast turnaround. Our involvement was with landing pages and micro-sites for promotions that were often as short as a day, and were being launched on an almost weekly basis. The creation of crafted promotional webpages, in up to 12 languages for their APAC and EMEA hotels was where we came in. Our ability to turn them round in days (sometimes hours) rather than weeks is why we succeeded.

  • Secure customer focused eCommerce platforms
  • CMS based websites and promotional landing pages
  • WordPress based blogs and micro-sites
  • Key customer and wholesale memberships sites