code change

Code Change Launch

Code Change is launched as a digital agency with an emphasis on software development specialising in eCommerce, eLearning, Online Directories and Customer Relationship Management

Lancaster / Jardine

Lancaster / Jardine eLearning and F&I logging system contract was awarded to Code Change


ACR, a specialist division of Barrington James, an International recruitment business, commissioned a WordPress based job-board. As Change started in recruitment, this was right up our street.


AutoExchange in the Channel Islands was secured as a client. Automotive used car site, finance and insurance logs, brochure website and eLearning platform


CTC Aviation

Took on a project with CTC Aviation to build an HR portal

Gregg Sawyer

Gregg Sawyer joined the team as a Back-End Developer bringing a new range of skills to the team.

PICS Telecom

PICS Telecom came onboard as a client. Management of a CMS based website and a new eCommerce site for their Sandstone brand

Naomi Knight

Naomi Knight, a local Designer started to work with us on an ad hoc freelance basis.


ODEP and Beyond Compliance

Launched ODEP and Beyond Compliance websites with Shark Design. The sites were built using Dot Net Nuke.

Big Move

Moved to our own studio in Bradford on Avon

Alex Shved

Alex Shved joined the team to support Pete with front-end development.


Designed and launched a range of WordPress based websites for small local businesses.

Michael Hope

Launched shopping site for Michael Hope schoolwear


Tom Brown

Tom Brown, an excellent Glove Factory based Copywriter started to work with us on an ad hoc freelance basis.

Sam Robinson

Sam Robinson joined the team to work on and manage the Inheritance Guide project.

Samantha Cherrington

Sam Cherrington started working with us as a Contract Account Manager alongside establishing her own fashion business.

The Inheritance Guide

Won the tender to build a bespoke probate platform for The Inheritance Guide. The project included full branding and design, and the development of bespoke software to manage the probate process including the completion of the HMRC forms.

peter cahill

David’s last ‘real’ job

Pete Cahill joined the team and took over David’s last ‘real’ job, the front end development for all of our websites. David now moved into a purely sales and management role.

Charlotte Bush

Charlotte Bush, David’s daughter joined the team for her first summer while at University… for some reason she kept coming back year after year from then on until she got a proper job in her chosen profession, Architecture.


Contract to brand and design Ooberkids children’s eLearning website. Four month proof of concept including all illustration


An excellent illustrator...

We contracted Rick Smith an excellent illustrator to create some characters for a project that we were looking to secure… we won the tender and started 6 months later. Rick worked on this with us for four months almost every day.

Dave Clark

Dave Clark started working with Change as a freelance Designer and has now been working with us for nearly four years.

Digital Age

Developed into a digital agency.


Nitron shock absorber shopping site branding, design and build was launched


Shopping site for Tilia, multiple vendor food delivery in greater London.

Nick Miller

Nick Miller, a Glove Factory based Art Director started to work with us on a freelance ad-hoc basis. Nick still works with us today as when the right projects come up.

Glove Factory Studios

Moved into Glove Factory Studios, taking on at first a small first floor three-man studio


Started to build our own eCommerce platform ‘Emporria’.

craig bridges

Craig Bridges

Craig Bridges started working with David on a freelance basis. This lasted for four months before he joined in April and they started work on their first big project.


Sarsen technology

First eCommerce project, Sarsen technology, using a white-labeled shopping platform.

Hilton Hotels

Secured largest client to date, Hilton Hotels, for the creation of landing pages and micro-sites for EMEA and APAC in up to 12 languages. This contract was to last for four years up until Hilton were taken over by the Blackstone Group and Publicis took all digital work in-house.


FSA training

FSA training was launched to the UK motor trade. Small dealers throughout the UK were taken on as clients.


Change took on Continental in Cheltenham as their hosting partner. Continental host sites for Group4 Security and a number of building societies. We still work with Continental today, a testament to their superb service and support.


Change Design and Marketing

Change Design and Marketing was formed as a sole trader business, providing website design and development.

The emphasis was on one project, the eLearning platform that he had built. For the next two years along with being sold extensively into the automotive sector through various training partners, David also created platforms for Tesco, Orange and Ann Summers.



Following a move to the South-West, David decided it was time to change direction and move away from recruitment and training. The one area of his work that was interesting was working with the software providers so he re-trained in asp.net and SQL and after a further 18 months, built his own eLearning platform


FSA & eLearning

In January 2004, the FSA required all staff within the automotive sector to become compliant. This was the point at which Change (as a recruiter and trainer) commissioned the first eLearning platform. David created relationships with a web developer and software house and specified the first platform.


Development of his automotive recruitment business

In 2001, David left JGA and resumed the development of his automotive recruitment business, partnering with his brother Gordon, and bringing training and consultancy to the table. The next four years were spent developing an enviable portfolio of clients including MG Rover, HR Owen, Marshalls Motor Group, Blackhorse and UDT. It was at this point that technology started to play an increasing part in the business.


Three years in the automotive sector

Three years in the automotive sector had created the largest finance and insurance recruitment business in the UK market with long-term contracts with the top suppliers to the trade. It was time to merge with another major player who controlled automotive manufacturer recruitment. The next two years was spent building the UK’s largest recruitment franchise, John Gibson Associates, a business that retains this position today.


Automotive Sector

After trading for two years, the business had taken on lots of work in the automotive sector. Based on this, it was decided at the end of 2005 that the complete focus would now be in this area. More specifically, Change concentrated on the manufacturers and the finance and insurance companies, providing management personnel throughout the UK.


David was contacted by one of the first ISPs, and was offered the domain name ‘change.com’ for £300… he turned it down as this seemed like a crazy amount of money for just a matching domain name. This has a value of c$750,000 today and is owned by a Scandinavian lingerie company!


Change was born

Change was born as a recruitment business supporting the general commercial business sector. Out first clients included Metropole Hotels, Farah Clothing, Diners Club International and Braun, supplying sales and marketing management personnel.

The beginning

In May 2003, David decided to start his own business, and inspired by simple business names like Virgin and Next, fell upon the name Change whilst sitting at Clapham Junction railway station listening to a guard.