Code Change is a digital agency with an emphasis on software development and how it can work with your business, specialising in eCommerce, eLearning, Online Directories and Customer Relationship Management.

Formed in 2008, we work with a range of clients from start-ups to major international companies, our USP being that we are not just about the glossy side of digital marketing, but have the technical expertise to create software that supports your business.

Along with the software development, we provide branding and design services; hosting, email and support; search engine optimisation (SEO) and social media marketing; and we can also design and source print based work too.

  • Software Design and Development
  • Hosting, Email and Support
  • Custom, Bespoke and Licensed Systems
  • Websites, Landing Pages and Micro-Sites
  • SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing


Code Change is not just a digital agency but a technical software house, allowing us to have the ideas and to build the systems to support them.

We have a team of ASP.Net software developers and we create bespoke and customized websites and web based applications for a range of clients across a number of sectors. Our team is complimented by PHP, Java, Umbraco, WordPress contract developers when and where required.
Our core business is based on a range of licensed products. These include eCommerce websites, eLearning and Learning Management Systems (LMS). Online Directories and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms. These can be fully customized to our clients requirements.
Good software is only half of the story, and when it comes to customer requirements, it is often but the usability and the look and feel. We start at the beginning with the branding and then follow this through to create highly intuitive mobile responsive products.

Hosting & Email

We have our own secure servers based in Cheltenham at our hosting partner Continental’s premises. These sit alongside building society and defence and security based servers and offers 24/7 365-day support.

We offer hosting with all of the websites and web-based applications that we design and build. Our hosting agreements can also come with email configuration and set-up if required.

Support Contracts

Our custom and bespoke software and licensed platforms come with nine to five technical support. This will ensure that your website will always be available.

In the eight years that we have worked with our hosting partners, we have not had one minute of downtime. This is because they have their own generators and internet lines from all three major providers

Maintenance Agreements

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge a days work for a five minute job. We provide comprehensive and flexible maintenance contracts that provide 24-hour turnaround when you need it most, only charging for the minutes that you use.

Every website and web based application that we build has a second live demo version so that all amends and updates can be tested and approved on this before being pushed to live