Fully Integrated Automotive Platforms

System nirvana… full integration means only having to key data once

Code Change have been developing software for more than 17-years now. Honing our skills in the development of eCommerce, eLearning, Customer Relationship Management and Directory based Platforms, we now specialise purely in the Automotive Sector.

We produce fully Compliant Modular Phygital Platforms that work seamlessly with the Sales Process, integrating Finance and Insurance into the Sale, and providing full Transparency to the Customer. We have worked closely with the Regulators in the markets that we support to ensure that our systems fully comply in these days of GDPR, Duty of Care and F&I Governance.

Producing the best Software in the market is only half the story; our Partner Support is second to none, providing round-the-clock assistance for the UK, Europe and Australia.

Software Engineering at its best

Beautiful code and fully accessible simple and intuitive interfaces

Using the most advanced technologies, we build market-leading modular phygital platforms, that integrate with financiers, insurers, data providers, DMS systems and CRMs. This allows us to provide an end-to-end sales process that you can manage with your customers from initial contact to the collection of the vehicle and beyond.

Supporting mobiles and tablets, your sales teams can provide a seamless experience while your management can see what is happening in real-time, as can your customers. Full transparency in the sale of the vehicle, the insurance and the finance.

Supported by our eLearning systems, we can ensure that only qualified team members can progress through the sale, and that training needs are highlighted immediately.

Our Systems

Sales Process, Compliance, F&I and the Vehicle Sale, managed by the Agent AND the Customer

In a nutshell, Sabre is a fully Compliant, Phygital (physical and digital), Sales, Finance and Insurance Sales Process System with built in Reporting. The Agents are managed through our Aslan eLearning System to ensure that they are fully compliant in these regulated times. The System allows Real-Time Management of every Sales Process as well as providing a full suite of Sales, Finance, Insurance, Compliance and Dealership Reports. Uniquely, the Customer has full access to co-manage the entire sales process from end-to-end, or to come in and out as they choose. This ensures that all regulatory requirements are fully met.

eLearning is where we started - from the recruitment and training of F&I staff in the late 90's to the roll-out of the FSA requirements in 2005. Erandt eLearning was born, and we now present Aslan, the most up-to-date eLearning and Learning Management System in the Automotive Market today. From single dealers to major groups, insurers and financiers, our platform has exceeded 500,000 tests in the last 10-years. In the world of eLearning, simplicity is king, and our platform allows you to present and manage all types of learning materials, on a one-off or regular basis, all controlled through a simple and intuitive dashboard. Aslan also provides up-to-the-minute reporting to ensure you know exactly how your staff are performing.