The Inheritance Guide is an online probate service. Through a secure log in, the executor of a will is able to collate all the details of the deceased, the assets and the beneficiaries. The system calculates the tax due, manages the estate accounts and automatically selects and completes the HMRC required forms. The service is free to the user and the platform manages the business and the third parties that work with TIG. These include The Prudential and Countrywide.

We started work with TIG in September 2012, and the first stages were the branding and design, which we managed alongside the creation of the specification and the build timeline. The site was launched as a pilot in the autumn of 2014.

Project Info

  • Client: The Inheritance Guide
  • Date: September 2012 to date
  • Sector: Financial
  • Product: Bespoke, Websites
  • URL: