We first met Stilwell in 2010 when Nick, the owner, came to us about a new project that he was extremely passionate about. This was the development of a management framework for road safety in schools. This immediately struck a chord and the first site was built. Since those early days, we have now created a suite of websites, which promote the not-for-profit central business, and the road safety in schools, in work, and for everyone. These brochure website are accompanied by an online shop to purchase memberships and a full secure members area where participants download their lesson plans and documents. The process is also supported with an online development plan which helps identify the needs for the individual school and the guides them through the integration and use of the lesson plans and curriculum bundles.

Today we are very closely linked to SRS with David being a founding Director and Shareholder in the business.

Project Info

  • Client: Stilwell Road Safety
  • Date: April 2010 to date
  • Sector: Education
  • Product: ERandT, Emporria, Websites
  • URL: www.srsculture.com

Client Testimonial

We have developed a close relationship with the guys at Code Change, who enable us to keep our website fresh. They have always been friendly and helpful and indeed pro-active in keeping the site up to date.

Nick Stilwell www.srsCULTURE.org.uk